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Serenity Salves was founded in 2014 by certified herbalist Jan Montgomery. Jan has always treated her own family with a more natural approach to healing rather than chemicals and finds they respond better and without so many side effects. We think you will too.

Serenity Salves uses the purest essential oils that can be found on our planet today in all our natural salves. All salve bases are made with coconut oil or olive oil, shea butter, pure beeswax from a honey farm, and vitamin E. The essential oils are then added to that base to create the salve formulas. The best thing about herbs, whether  they are in the form of fresh,  ointments, soaps, lotions,  tinctures, liniments, and essential oils is that many of them overlap to help with different ailments. That’s why you will see some of the same oils used in different natural healing formulas from pain and headaches to skin treatments. All of our healing natural salves are all herbal and plant-based, that’s why they work!

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I tried the Arthritis formula on my knuckle that hurts every now and then. I just rub it in and in a few minutes the pain is gone.

Merilyn V

I use the Ache and Pain and Arthritis salves on my knees and hip and can definitely tell when it wears off.  It has helped me not suffer as I was before I started using it.

Jennifer D

I use the Eczema/Rash Salve daily, several times a day. I have suffered with eczema all my life and nothing the doctors gave me helped. The Eczema/Rash Salve not only stops the terrible itching but has helped my skin heal.

Gary S

I use many of Serenity Salves formulas and have found that they all work! I am a migraine headache sufferer to the point that I was having to get shots  2-3 times per week. With the migraine salve I have not had to have even one shot in many months!  I rub it on my forehead, back of neck, temples and anywhere my head hurts. I will use it again a little bit later if my head is still hurting and it stops these horrible headaches.

Judy S

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Our all natural salves for common ailments are pleasingly priced!

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Serenity Salves are all natural, organic and plant-based, that’s why they work!